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Edding 780 White paint marker - 780049

Edding 780: 0.8 mm, bullte nib, low-odour pigment ink
Manufacturer: Edding
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Nothing makes drawing, writing and sketching on dark coloured paper backgrounds with fine detail easier than this gloss paint marker. The paint marker, with its extremely fine nib, is ideal for creating invitations and small works of art, beautiful little gifts and decorative objects. It writes characters with great coverage on dark coloured paper and card, and even on smooth cut paper varieties and other sealed surfaces. The edding paint marker is also available in other line thicknesses and many colours and comes with special calligraphy nibs (edding 753 and edding 755 gloss paint markers).

The 0.8 millimetre thick bullet nib is available in eight colours. The opaque, low-odour ink inside the gloss paint marker flows into the nib by pumping it up and down. Activating the pen is easy: shake the pen firmly with the cap closed. Open and place the tip on a piece of scrap paper and carefully pump it up and down. Once the nib has filled with a little ink the gloss paint marker is ready to use. The ink dries quickly after application and is light, water and abrasion resistant as well as low in odour – for long-lasting results and comfortable use.

This gloss paint marker has a 0.8 mm thick bullet tip and is available in 8 colours. Activating the pen couldn’t be easier. Simply shake the pen with the cap closed, then open and place the nib on a piece of scrap paper and carefully pump it up and down. Once the nib has filled with ink it is ready to use. After use the ink dries quickly and the results are light, water and abrasion resistant. The ink is also odourless.
Color of productMulticolor
Writing colorsWhite
Stroke width (min)0.0315" (0.8 mm)
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